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At The College Ladder, we are dedicated to guiding you through the complex and competitive college admissions process with ease and confidence. Our program is designed to provide personalized support and expert advice, helping you climb the steps to academic success.

Founded by Julissa Polanco, JP College Solutions brings you The College Ladder—a comprehensive coaching program tailored to meet the unique needs and aspirations of each student. We understand that every applicant has distinct strengths and dreams, and we are committed to helping you highlight your potential and achieve your goals.

With our extensive knowledge of college admissions, we offer a strategic approach to selecting the right colleges, crafting compelling applications, and securing scholarships and financial aid. Our experienced consultants work closely with you, providing invaluable resources, insights, and unwavering support every step of the way.

Join The College Ladder today, and take the first step towards a bright and successful future. Let us help you turn your college dreams into reality!

A few things we’re great at

College Counseling

Our expert consultants offer personalized, one-on-one guidance to help you successfully navigate the college admissions process. From choosing the best colleges to developing a winning application strategy, we’ll be with you every step of the way, providing insights and support throughout your journey.

Scholarship & Financial Aid

We’ll navigate the complex world of scholarships and financial aid with you, helping you identify opportunities and create compelling applications to secure the financial support necessary for your college education.

SAT/ACT Test Preparation

We recognize the significance of standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. Our team will create a personalized test preparation plan for you, providing effective strategies, practice materials, and resources to help you achieve your highest possible scores.

A Message from Julissa Polanco


I’m Julissa Polanco, founder of JP College Solutions and creator of The College Ladder program. As you embark on the exciting journey of higher education, I’m here to offer you the personalized college coaching you need to succeed.

Navigating the college admissions process can be overwhelming, but with my passion for guiding students and my extensive knowledge of college admissions, I’m here to make it easier for you. I will provide expert guidance, invaluable resources, and unwavering support to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Together, we will explore a variety of universities, evaluate their offerings, and develop a strategic roadmap that highlights your unique strengths, interests, and aspirations. By joining The College Ladder program, you’ll benefit from a personalized plan designed to maximize your chances of gaining admission to the college of your dreams.

Take the first step towards your future success with The College Ladder. Let’s make your college dreams a reality!


What sets The College Ladder Program apart is our personalized approach. We recognize that every student has unique strengths, aspirations, and dreams. Our dedicated consultants take the time to understand your goals, interests, and achievements, working closely with you to develop a customized roadmap for college success.

See what our clients say about us

Genesis Lopez

Queens, NY – Graduated – B.A/M.A Biological Science

“Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened”. 

During my college application process, this verse was constantly in my mind. God used knowledgeable and encouraging people to guide me through the process and one of them was Julissa Polanco. She was my youth leader at church and a friend who has always encouraged and pushed me to do better in my educational career. I remember that she would constantly provide us with college information as well as that she would persistently ask me how I was doing in school. A couple of years ago, Julissa held a small resume and cover letter workshop to the youths at church, to me that information was valuable because it helped me to acquire an internship at a Dental office, in which 6 months later became a payable job. Thanks to God’s mercy and the people He has placed in my life throughout the years, I recently finished my BA/MA in Biological Science with a concentration in Biotechnology and I am currently pursuing to go to Dental school.”

Samuel Quintero

Long Island, NY – Graduate – B.A International Studies, 2020

“Julissa was one of the first people who helped me throughout the college admissions process and experience as a whole. She made sure to advise me on what to look for in a school, different programs to check out and what majors to look at. I was able to find a great major (International Studies) and find careers that had to do with it. By listening to Julissa’s experience and knowledge of the workforce industry, I was able to secure a stable career where my college experience gave me the necessary knowledge and skills to excel.”

Leslie Rodriguez

Queens, NY – Graduated B.A Political Science/Spanish Legal Translation and Interpretation

“Julissa has been a great blessing. Being a first-generation student, I didn’t know much about colleges, college applications, financial aid, and all that college entails.  Her guidance and knowledge were crucial in my college search. She was dedicated, understanding, and was quite encouraging! I was doubtful over what career path to take, and Julissa was always there. I know that her guidance and time invested in me has paid off. I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a certificate in Spanish legal translation and interpretation. I couldn’t have done it without her and can’t thank her enough!”

“A strong foundation in education builds a lifetime of opportunities.

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